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Description Yellow Booster

If you were misled to download Yellow Booster (like Save your battery life,against viruses, adware),please give feedback to us and don't download our Apps. Meanwhile, it's really helpful if you could find out the trouble maker together with us.
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Yellow Booster is being up to provide you the most amazing online experience by boosting your phone speed and helping you clean up any unwanted memory and cache. In result, there will be no more lags in responding your commands and your memory space will always be available for your needs. Also you will be happy to find that your CPU is always be cool with no matter how long you use it.

Function Features:
★Phone Accelerator
One-tap cleaner to clean up your unwanted memory, get your phone functioning in a better condition. You will enjoy a more smooth online experience after then;

★Junk Files Clean
Will run an elaborate analysis to detect unwanted files, leftover deleted memory and cache, delete them in order to free up your memory;

★CPU Cooler
Detect the most consumptive App. Make it clean and neat for the purpose of cooling your CPU;

★Ultra Accelerator
Professional design for forcing to end backend processes;

★App Accelerator
According to each type of App operation, it’s specialized for accelerating the selected Apps by providing a quick access.

★Fast charger
This will provide you a lovely interface and adequate information on the lock screen when you charge your phone.

★Automatic cleaner
Unlock Memory Boost, make your typing more fluent!